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Innovation and tradition merged. 

Taking inspiration from the jewellery pieces worn by the women and men in my family for generations, each piece crafted by Beauregard balances the feminine with the masculine in bold styles. 

Through the work we create, we strive to show an appreciation for classicism and the noble nature of the metals and materials we use, while prizing today's technological innovations and being grounded in the desire for pieces to be worn daily, year after year.


We shy away from the notion that any form of jewellery should be kept for certain types of occasions, or can only be worn by a specific type of person. Our jewellery is seasonless and created to be a companion for the wearer, no matter where your life may take you. 


Our jewellery is made using responsibly sourced precious metals and stones, including recycled sterling silver 925 and 18 karat yellow gold. 

The strength of precious metals such as gold and silver ensure they can be enjoyed by the wearer for years to come but another beauty of these materials is their ability to show signs of the wearer. Over time you can anticipate your jewellery to show signs of wear but with the right level of respect and care, each piece of jewellery we produce can be enjoyed for generations. 


Our fine jewellery is made to order in England, meaning that each piece was made specifically for you. 

Lost wax casting has been used by jewellers for more than 5,000 years. It is one of the oldest forms of jewellery production and to this day remains highly prized for the beautiful and intricate work this method produces. 

We are proud to work in this way and each of our pieces is crafted by local British manufacturers in the country's historic jewellery quarters.  

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